Posted on Jul 8, 2020

Katherine Henry, P.C.

#OpenCommunication #ConstitutionalAdvocate #RestoreFreedom

ATTENTION!  Help me be able to respond to all of your comments, questions and concerns. 

FB messages to or tags on my personal FB profile are NOT working, so please do not try to contact me that way. If you want to tag me regarding something about the Restore Freedom Initiative petition, please use the tag  @RestoreFreedomMI. If you want to tag me regarding any legal or constitutional issues, please use the tag @KatherineHenry4MI  (You can like or follow either of those pages as well, which will give you notifications every time we post a new video or other piece of information, as I will no longer be doing Facebook live videos on my personal profile after about a week from now.)  

Please keep in mind: Katherine Henry for Michigan FB page is for videos and updates on Constitutional education & advocacy efforts; Restore Freedom FB page - all official Restore Freedom Initiative videos, updates and info; The Movement FB page - a grassroots collective showcasing all cooperative grassroots efforts in Michigan to restore our freedom; Katherine4MI Twitter - tweets on constitutional education & advocacy efforts; iRestoreFreedom on Twitter - tweets on the Restore Freedom Initiative petition; for videos on Constitutional education & advocacy efforts and the Restore Freedom Initiative
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